Two years of Gnappies

Bidding farewell to a marvelous time in our life!

Today, we are saying goodbye to our much-beloved G's. We have loved them from around when Emi was 3 months old but now has come the time to finally say goodbye. We hardly use them now and I have decided these much-loved treasures should be passed on to the forever growing fan club. They will be sorely missed and we've had our fair share of rare and beautiful ones.
They were practical and we've loved them like no other of its kind.
I have cared for them, customised them and matched them up with dresses and legs, I've even based my English presentation on them for my GCSE's. 
But as I've said as Emi's had her illnesses and we've been away from home I found myself not reaching for them as our daily routine had been disrupted. 

So a very sad farewell to our lovely, easy, pretty little life savers, but we no longer require your services as I'm pretty sure Emi will be potty trained before the years out.
We will, however, be taking a couple instead of our swim nappies to our family holiday this year.

Thank you and goodbye Gnappies!

Wicksteed Frozen Flopout!!

Well, yesterday, me and Amba took the children on what we thought would be an amazing day. We set off at 8oclock to do ambas weekly shop before setting off for a fun packed day with Ana and Elsa, not forgetting Olaf!
We had finished at Tesco around 9 and got back to Ambas and unpacked, sandwiches made and all the excited children back into the car by 9.50.
We were also meeting Ambas sister, Jade, there and her soon to be sister-in-law Nat and the 4 children that would be joining them.
We set off and by 10.30 we had hit traffic, about 20 mins from Wicksteed park. Jade then phoned to say she was on the A6 and wasn't sure how far Nat was away from her. Me and Amba had reached the bend just before the park and had already witnessed a police car drive past. 
We finally reached the gates and then we saw it, a queue 5x the length of a Next sale just to get into the pavillion that only held 700 people!
We parked up and was getting ready when we received a call from Jade, the park had closed it gates and were turning everyone away! Seriously!!! We thought jeez we had come all this way, spent all this petrol and now half our party wasn't allowed in!! 
Well, we thought we'd make the most of it and as we obviously wasn't getting into the pavillion there had to be something else going on didn't there???
We had been promised:
Snowman building
Making shields and tiaras
Make a mini Olaf
Meet Elsa and Ana 
Frozen sing-along
Igloo building
Balloon tent
Cardboard city
Space hoppers
Dress up corner

Well, we did none of that it had all been 'cleverly' placed inside the pavillion, well done Wicksteed!

We were left with a ghost town, shops were closed, face painting closed cafe closed, everything except the ordinary park that is available daily was closed. So we had 2 disappointed children a queue for the dirty, muddy toilets 30 mins long oh and we thought wow, frozen chill out lounge, maybe this is were some of the activities are, nope just a bartender sharpening the odd pencil with thousands of pieces of drawing paper and everyone eating lunch, that was also closed 10 mins after arriving.

 It was so bad,  that on our way out, which, I may add was 20 mins after arriving, all the cars that had once caused the traffic, were also leaving the car park which also resembled a ghost town. We also saw poor little girls in Elsa and Ana outfits, still walking into the park actually thinking they would get to see the ever popular frozen event.

Biggest let down ever!! Yes some might say it was free, however, there probably the ones annoyed by the traffic,but 1 hours driving with 2 exciting children in the car and 2 each in our friends cars, plus petrol costs a packed lunch cost, plus 6 children's disappointment, well that's priceless, you can't put a price on your children's happiness and they sure weren't happy!!
Major fail Wicksteed and by the looks of it Twitter and Facebook had the same response, including those that actually got into the pavillion.
They saw the boom over the snowglobe Elsa dolls so there should be no excuse that they hadn't anticipated such a turnout!!!


Half Term

It's Here

Once again, half term is upon us and we're left with things to conjure up, magically as if magicians really do exist... well of course to Theo they do!

The playroom has been crying out for me to finish it since Xmas and we've had some amazing companies help in their donations for our special, coming at the end of this month woohoo so exciting.
Anyway back to the matter at hand. Me and Theo, took a very special trip 2 weeks ago, to London on behalf of Baby World and with all that's been happening we haven't yet had the chance to put up the amazing photos of London. So here are a few followed by the great link to an amazing opportunity we had the pleasure of attending.

Click here for our special day!
So after that amazing opportunity, which was purely a weekend treat for both me and Theo, we are going to have difficulty achieving better than that. So far, he's had a lego play date with his big 17-year old brother Dominic and a little trip to Amba's house to play with her 2 (going on 4) year old Bella. Tomorrow we have a journey to the big play event at Wicksteed park for a Frozen special however Emi will be staying home as limited room in Amba's car :(
(Note to self, must add driving lessons/test to the big lists of MUST's I have)
Hopefully, he'll love it and sleep without the hassle tomorrow night, as these last few days he certainly hasn't burned off enough energy.

Any ideas please leave below hehe 


Wow Cup; it really is wow!

The Wow cup, with its amazing non spill, magic rim. Even Russ was excited, however, when he found the invisible seal he was once again determined that this cup was like all the rest, I had stored away in the overflowing cupboard of mine...... But was it?

The amazing, advanced technology that is the Wow cup comes in 3 parts the colorful bottom silicone soft feeling type, that's available in a variety of bright colours, the middle screw lid that has a seal to keep the juice from escaping at that point and the top rim that is the magic.. 
It acts as a 360 degree cup just like a big person, however, it has a seal tight top layer that when the top of the mouth or top lip is pressed against it creates a little gap big enough to sip the juice inside.

Hmm, I thought ok so leak proof for today, but how many weeks down the line how many drops before its time for the bin. No! It's still going strong months down the line any which way, no leaks, however, now Theo has it as Emi couldn't quite grasp the concept but it works amazingly.

Darlo: A review and a great company!

Darlo: An amazing story!

 So, the lovely Chloe sat down one day and thought how can I make a difference in this world, well this is what she came up with.
Darlo make cotton rompers, joggers and t-shirts that have a great feel and are available in 3 fantastic colours; coral and mint, coral and grey and grey and mint. 
However the best part after the luscious clothing is that for every piece of clothing sold, they give a whole week's worth of meals to a child in India!

So whilst Emi has worn the long sleeve, mint green and grey marl T-shirt (my favourite colour right now) it's not the clothing I want to brag about! Its the amazing dedication and work that Chloe puts into saving and feeding the lives of children out there! 
The clothes, however, are two amazing standards and I feel everyone should buy 1,2 or even 4 T-shirts, rompers or joggers to save the lives of children out there.
Amazing work!


Oatly; A milk alternative


Some of you may know that Emilia, when she was born had a lactose, dairy and soya intolerance. She was poorly for quite a while and was very frustrating when it came to weaning, to find a suitable drink other than water or squash to give her.  She was on special formula for 9 months before even seeing a dietitian and it made us very wary of her weight.
 We felt like there was nothing we could  give her and she became very wary of food we tried giving her and wouldn't eat. After about 12 months old, she finally started eating little bits at a time but still on formula. We had issues with appointments not being booked by the hospital and when I phoned they said the Dr no longer worked there and we'd been missed out of the appointment book. I was devastated it had taken us so long to get here originally. So I tried weaning Emilia slowly on to cows milk to help with what she eats, after the first week I was ecstatic she was actually tolerating milk again!!
But such luck doesn't happen that often and after 4 weeks she was throwing up curdled milk and I knew this was it all over again. So I made a decision as a parent and cut both formula and milk from her diet. She finally started eating proper meals and had water as a drink, however, still from a bottle as that is what she had become used to after a year and a half. As she was approaching 2 we went to get her weighed and as she had always been small, they weren't too fussed that she'd only dropped 1 centile line. But I was, as in 10 days it would have dropped 2. She ate a lot though, she had in fact a very healthy appetite, so we have yet again been referred by the health visitor after a lot of nagging from me, to the dietitian again. We found this amazing milk a few months into her first dietitian but because she couldn't find nutritional information online, she said not to give her it. Well, thanks to the lovely people at Oatly we were able to review this milk and now she is over 2 I decided now was the time to find an alternative she could drink all her life and she's now drinking from a cup, no bottle!

Emilia loved the milk!! She didn't even treat it as anything different. I even gave her the plain organic version and she took to it straight away! So I have to say thank you to the amazing Oatly milk! We love you.

Oatly had a watered, milky appearance and comes in original, organic, chocolate flavoured and even comes as a cream alternative. We have used all our review milk now and I have just ordered a week's worth in our shop, Its down the powdered and long life milk isle with all the alternative milks i.e. Almond, hazelnut and soya. But this stands out far better than all the rest. I have already advised that Amba tries this for her new baba, who is also the same as her sister and lactose intolerant, well obviously when she gets big enough.

Ella's Kitchen goodies

       Ella's Goodies

We were very lucky to get to try out these lovely nibbles from Ella's Kitchen. Emilia was amazed at the brightly coloured packaging, even Theo wanted to try them!

Ella's Kitchen knows that Emilia has a dairy intolerance, so kindly sent out their range that contained no dairy.
All the little packages are perfect for pack lunches and little backpacks for picnics and even for just around town.

 Emilia especially took a liking to the tall ones in plastic containers, maybe because it was a different look for her, but she definitely ate them before even contemplating anything else. They came in the shape of little crosses and in two flavours raspberry and banana and tomatoes and basil. She had to have some of each to be satisfied he he.

Next favourite were the carrots and lentils multigrain sticks, maybe it was the colour, but she loved them too, shortly followed behind was the cheddar and leek multigrain wheels. I was rather happy that the majority of the products were multigrain as it means a happier healthier tum for my little girl.

 Then were the parsnips and poppy seeds and tomatoes and fennel seeds cracker bites, now Emilia and Theo were not so keen on these maybe it was the different texture of them but  they loved all the other products.
They all smelt rather yummy too, and I'm pleased in knowing they were healthy snacks with no preservatives or colourings put in.

We love all Ella's Kitchen products and Theo used to like the fruit pouches when he was a baby as they're easy to transport and feed baby on the go. They're a great company that helps mums with babies that have milk, lactose and soya intolerance, lives a lot easier. Me and my fried Amba had real problems when we set out to feed our babies on the go because we were unsure what they could have, companies like Heinz and Hipp tend to have dairy or soya in the majority of their products so there isn't a varied choice for the likes of us. We're just pleased of a company that doesn't just cater to one type of dietary need.

**** Disclaimer****
One box of these inside was sent to us by Ella's Kitchen for review purposes. No monies were paid for this review and as always, all of my thoughts and opinions are that of my own.